As of last set of Blood results (16-6-2011) Kezia has been doing well.  Red Blood count is still a little low, however she is also having to deal with small infections due to the winter cold.  We still would like her Red Blood Count to increase, but have been reducing the wheat grass.  We will get there!


As of Friday (20-5-2011) Kezia has increased white blood cells and neutrophils which indicate that her body is fighting some sort of infection.  Her body is using up some of the red blood cells to fight and mobilising some of her platelets to assist. – bit of a battle going on.  She has had a temperature since Saturday, nothing major but an indicator of her body working over time.  She has been lethargic and hot for the last few days – but did enjoy time out at Western Springs playground for a short stint today.

Please pray for her body to get through this quickly in Jesus Name! We would like our bubbly Kezia back!