• Avoid any refined foods, including sugar and white flour
  • Avoid any packaged foods, eg things that last months on the shelf
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol
  • Avoid added artificial preservatives, colour, flavours, etc
  • Avoid SOY unless fermented.
  • Include raw, free range, organic, fresh, whole foods
  • Juice fast (6-8 weeks)
  • Possibly avoid grains ?
  • HAMLET and BAMLET(google) possibility with breast feeding
  • Organic green vegetables
  • Vitamins, minerals
Nutrition multivitamin (tab)
green juices (mls) colloidal silver (mls)
active manuka honey (tsp) selenium (tsp)
protein powder (tbsp) melatonin (tart cherry)
coconut oil (tbsp) glutathione(liposomal)
Bee Pollen iodine (drops)
Minerals/Vitamins Vitamin K2
fish oil-ult. Omega (mls) R-Lipoc Acid
flax seed oil (mls) B-Vitamins
Vit D (drops) Anti-oxidant
Zinc (drops) Multi mineral
Vit E (cap)  
propolis (cap)  
probiotics (tsp/sachet)  


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  1. Elaine Reber says:

    Great! Are you baking with Coconut flour? No grains – but can make muffins, breads.

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