Home Care Strategy


The goal is simple – restore Kezia to full health, destroy the cancer and ‘do no harm’. 


The vision we had related to the Graph on the wall since October 2010.  Cancer may have a possible burst of growth due to Kezia’s poor health, but decline due to increase of Kezia’s return to health, improved immune system and change of environment that is able to fight off any cancerous cells until she returns to full health and no sign of cancerous cells forever!


Seeking to solve a problem without knowing where to start is difficult, therefore it was important to have a clear plan while researching – it was an advantage in having access to clinical journal and medical research articles throughout the research.

1. Understand ‘optimal health’

2. Find ways to fight the cancerous cells through ‘no harm’ tools based on clinical or anecdotal research


The underlying goal is to see Kezia’s health restored to 100% with no signs whatsoever of the illnesses of the past.  We know that with prayer, wisdom and God’s ability to perform miracles we can see this achieved.  The strategy related to two key areas, firstly the foundational issues of prayer, people, information, resources, tools and equipment.  Each area taking time to understand, build and focus.

Foundational Issues

Action Plan

The foundational issues are critical on an ongoing basis as with implementation of the health action plan which can be found here

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  1. chante wijlens says:

    hope she gets better soon. xxoo

  2. Rebekah Moa says:

    Your precious girl is covered in prayer. My kids continue to pray for Kezia every time we pray as a family. Thank you for sharing your lives with us all.

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