About Kezia

In June 2010 Kezia (4) was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma – she had multiple solid tumours in her abdomen and cancerous cells throughout her bone marrow.  She underwent six months of chemotherapy at Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.  In November of 2010 her parents were advised that there were only two options.  Firstly to continue with high dose chemotherapy with a less than 30% success rate and guaranteed permenant disabling side effects, or the option of palliative care with a less than 10% liklihood of survival including the advise from the senior oncologist and ward director that her tumour markers would continue to increase at an exponential rate with no possibility of improvement.  Her parents decided to opt for palliative care, the path of least harm, rather than further high-dose chemotherapy.  The full story of the journey can be found here.

After more than six months of leaving the hospital Kezia is thriving, her parents have been researching almost full time and implementing “no harm” food-based treatment options that are detailed here.

The purpose of this website is to start a new chapter in our life.  Its intention is to provide a place where we can communicate with all of you, and share in our adventure moving forward.  Its purpose is to create a positive place to share, and one day for Kezia to take over!

Why Kezi’s Honey.com?

While in Starship last year, sitting down with Kezia, we discussed the type of business that she would like to run.  Kezia likes honey, especially active manuka honey, so she was happy with this as a business strategy.  We thought there’s no reason why she can’t have her own business and there’s no reason why not honey.  So, here it is.

Some time soon we hope to have honey for sale to raise funds for Kezia.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about our journey, and the steps we are taking to seek complete cure for Kezia, in the hope that it may help other people when they need it!