Happy Birthday Kezia

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  1. Tanya says:

    Dearest Becs and Adrian

    What an incredibly beautiful poignant video. Could there have been a more beautiful girl spinning and dancing and singing and loving on her siblings. We are thinking of you all today and sending up some extra prayers for the peace and strength of God to be manifest in your hearts and minds. I love too that in the midst of your grief, you have chosen to remember her and broadcast her so proudly as your beloved first born to be celebrated and held dear and to recollect all the special times and memories of Princess Kez. xxx Tanya

  2. Josephine Mewett says:

    What a beautiful film! Kezia so full of life. It was also lovely to see Doris and other members of the Low family for fleeting moments. The spinning scenes moved me greatly. Love from over here.

  3. Nicole Parker says:

    Happy Birthday Kezia, may you be having the most beautiful party with angels and princesses.

  4. Jennifer Barter (Mewett) says:

    Thank-you for sharing your utterly adorable,beautiful Kezia with us all on her birthday.
    Praying for you every day for the Holy Spirit to comfort you and to give you peace.
    You have some very precious memories!
    Can you imagine the celebration when you are together again for eternity?

  5. Susan Foster says:

    Bella-Rose had a big smile on her face watching Kezi in the video today and johnny and Bella joined in with her singing this little light of mine. Bella wants to know if Petra and Zac can come over if we tell you our address. John-Luc wants to know if God is buying Kezi a present and said “that was lovely”with enamored look all over his face at seeing Kezi from a baby and throughout.
    I Suze loved seeing all that you have posted and treasured that we could connect with our memories and be awakened to more of who Kezi is through watching! Thankyou for being who you are you constantly amaze and marvel me through your openness willingness to eat life in its fulness and share who you are and your life with others. Thankyou for your friendship with us the fosters. We all miss Kezi and you all and wish we could just pop in more often than distance allows. thinking of you today

  6. molly harwood says:

    Woow, such a beeaauutiful and inspiring video of a VERY beeaauutiful and inspiring little princess with her amazing, loving family. So, for yesterday from all of us today, Happy Birthday Princess Kezia!! Let all the angels sing and dance with you in joyous praise to God. Thank You, Jesus. Much love from, Molly, Jonathan, Epenesa & Immanuel. =)

  7. Fiona and Steve says:

    What an incredibly heart-moving and beautiful movie. We loved Kezia and always will!! She is so missed by us all. Happy Birthday Kezia!

  8. sophie baldwin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and moving video of Kezia, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see what a special little girl she is. You are all never far from my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you all and happy birthday Kezia. Sophie & Luke xx

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