30,000 Oranges

I guess you are wondering about the oranges then? Well, Kez has just completed her 100th dose of Vitamin C.  At this point we decided to find out what quantity she has consumed.  So, after 100 doses of 25g it is approximately the equivalent of the Vitamin C from 30,000 oranges.  Unbelievable.  Who would have thought that fruit was good for us!

So, as well as this milestone Kez is continuing to thrive!  Excellent news!  Although we had a bit of a scare last week – Kez was limping around for a few days as we thought… oh no…. what could the matter be…. and after a few more days we were worried, I know, why would a little limp worry us!  Well, we have had all the excitement the medical establishment could throw at us over the last couple of years so it could have been any number of complications or infections, etc etc.

After a chat with the GP, blood and urine tests, and a trip to Starship, the pediatrician and the radiologist concluded that … she had sprained her ankle… probably because she has been growing at a great pace, and that she has not stopped running and jumping!  Goodness!  That was the fastest trip ever to the hospital, we were out like a flash, with a quick trip to the park for more running and climbing trees, and feeding the ducks!

All good!  Thanks for your continued support and prayers!

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    That is so cool :)

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