Overwhelmed by Generosity

Thanks to everyone who generously gave to help our family.  We are so thankful.  We were overwhelmed by all of your gifts and wanted to let you know that it made all the difference during this time! Thanks so much!

Kez has been fantastic, she has been full of energy, life and excitement, she has been growing – both heavier and taller, eating more, dancing, singing, running and playing – it is so fantastic that she is doing so well.

Holiday time

Because of your generosity we were able to have a great week away at Taupo without any worries, the family were blessed with a week’s stay at the Child Cancer foundation house in Taupo and a boat ride around the lake.  We also ventured to the snow – a mammoth day for ten minutes in the snow – where the chairlift was the most exciting thing for Kez.  As this was the second week of proper holiday in about 18 months we are so thankful.

Doc update

We had another appointment at the hospital today, blood results doing well – and have another two weeks until the antibiotics have to be complete.  After that will be some blood cultures taken to check the infection is totally gone – please pray that there is no sign of anything on those tests.

In addition to the discussion about the infection the doctor said that ‘as it has been almost one year since the end of chemotherapy treatment, and her catecholamine results combined with all her other markers and general health are good – she may be in the extremely small group of children who make it through’.  This same doctor being the one who gave almost no hope a year ago and recommended more chemo!  So we are pretty happy about that doctor’s opinion – although we do know that we must continue to rebuild her health and keep up the good work.

Kez time

Kez has been having fun with school – Sonya, her favourite (and only apart from us) teacher has been taking her through reading, writing and maths – and having a great time as well.

As you know while Kez has a compromised immune system she can’t get out to kids church, or other places full of children – what would be really great is if some of her little friends (or any children) want to send her and her sister written letters/cards talking about what they have been up to, or prayer needs they have and possibly include photos – we will try and have her reply speedily in kind – I am sure that will make her day. (postal address is PO Box 96177, Balmoral, Auckland 1342) thanks!

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