Help needed!

Thanks for all your prayers and support over the last 18 months. God has been good and provided both guidance and wisdom. He has truly performed a miracle in our lives.  The doctors had written Kez off last year and are now saying that she may make it through.  We are so happy that Kez has beaten their odds and continues to thrive.  Her rapid bounce back from her recent serious illness (influenza, pneumonia, septicemia and endocarditus) proves that we are on the right track. Her digestive system is working well and her immune system is being rebuilt.

Times have been tough lately, and we really need some help.  The additional time in hospital and the costs of keeping Kez in her required treatments and vitamins, combined with income sources faltering has made things quite difficult.

We have been given a week free stay at the Child Cancer Foundation house in Taupo for a short holiday and it now seems a challenge if we will make it there and be able to relax.  We would really like assistance financially to get us through this difficult patch.

While we have been hoping that God will supernaturally provide, perhaps it is time to ask. A special thanks to those that helped while Kez was in hospital recently, and people that have been regularly supporting.  We really appreciate all your prayers and support so please don’t feel under any compulsion.

The best method is either using the donate button on the website to give via credit/debit card – or to Kezia’s bank account: Kiwibank: 38-9005-0290511-01.  Thank you so much in advance for your gifts.

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