Kezia Status

Just a quick post to clarify Kezi’s health status.

At present we can state that Kezia is doing better than predicted by the Starship Oncologists when we saw them last November (seven months ago).  We know that she is doing really well in herself, and the markers we’re tracking (including catecholamines, bloods, urine, thyroid, etc.) are all improving – these are all excellent things!

We can’t actually state that ‘the tumor is gone’ or ‘she is cured’ because we don’t know.  The only way to confirm this would be to undertake MRI scans, CT scans, MIBG scans and bone marrow aspirates.  The problem is that some of these tests are actually invasive and harmful in themselves.  Even after those types of testing, it is clear from the literature that cancerous cells can be found only within the limits of the detection method, meaning that some may still be present but undetectable; a great test result still may not prove that ‘the cancer is gone’.

What do we say then – the truth.

Kezia is getting better … every day!  Yes, Kezia is being healed, and that a miracle is underway.  She is doing really well, as per the paediatrician’s comments last week, however she is still not 100%, she is still reliant on being fed with the nasal gastric tube, her immune system is still not perfect, as well as a number of other critical markers.  She is still in need of twice weekly High-Dose IV Vitamin C treatments.  She still requires hearing aids.  We will be prepared to state she is ‘better’ when everything is perfect.

We must remember the word spoken over her last year, that she will get through ‘without the smell of smoke’ we are still holding onto this word, and pray ‘long life’ over her all the time – and look forward to the day that she is completely healed.

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  1. James Lunday says:

    I had no idea. You are all so brave and your girl beautiful. I wish you well and will add my prayers to yours.

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